Modern Dance Program

The various programs of the Greek Community of Toronto.


Rock to the Greek!

Music Lessons, Band Rehearsals, Studio Recordings and Bouzouki lessons. Coming this fall, the Greek Community of Toronto—in partnership with Elite Music Academy—will be offering a world of opportunity for all students interested in music. Our mission is to inspire and teach through music. This program will offer music instruction, band practicing,studio recordings, bouzouki camps and performance opportunities to all our students.Our students will have unique access to:
• Special Courses in: Bouzouki, Baglama, Greek Folk Guitar, Saz and Oud.
• Private or Group Instruction in: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Saxophone, Drums, Voice, Violin.
• Exclusive Rates to Rent or Buy: bouzoukis, guitars, pianos, keyboards, dumbeks or drums (i.e. guitar rentals starting from $9.00 a month, bouzouki rentals from $20.00 a month)

Rock to the Greek Program

This program is tailored to pre-teens and teenagers, ages 10-17. It is designed to put young teens in a band and on stage covering rock, pop and Greek music. Our young musicians will have two performance opportunities and two studio recordings at Studio 92 throughout the school year. Minimum playing experience (6 months worth of lessons) or an audition is a prerequisite for this program.

Seminars and Classes

A number of free workshops are being prepared with classes for beginners in bouzouki and guitar throughout the school year. Stay tuned for this exclusive offer of free seminars to all Greek Community students. Access to the above programs is only available through the Greek Community by obtaining the official registration forms.