The Greek Community of Toronto is governed by a hierarchy of decision-making bodies.
The principal governing body of the Greek Community of Toronto is the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

List of Presidents of the Greek Community of Toronto from 1964

Mr. Peter Palmer (Polymenakos): 1964-1967
Mr. Paul Kanas: 1967-1971
Dr. Leonidas Polymenakos: 1971-1982
Mr. Christos Antoniou: 1982-1986
Prof. John Mylopoulos: 1986-1988
Dr. Anastasios Karantonis: 1988-1992 and 1998-2000
Dr. Athanasios Foussias: 1992-1998
Mr. Costas Menegakis: 2000-2010
Mr. Crist Geronikolos: 2010
Dr. George Gekas: 2010
Mr. Nikona Georgakopoulos: 2010-2013
Mr. Andonis Artemakis: 2013-2021
Mrs. Betty Skoutakis: 2022 - present

The General Assembly is the supreme body in the decision-making structure of the GCT and comprises of all the members. The General Assembly meets once a year to consider and approved the Community budget, auditor's report on the financial statements, changes to the by-laws and in an election, year elects the members of the Election Committee.