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The Women’s Issue Department informs and empowers women of Hellenic origin. The Department organizes events, informational seminars and workshops on various topics of interest to women and provides a link between women seeking specialized services for a variety of needs and the appropriate organizations that provide them. The seminars involve the participation of speakers, businesses and hundreds of successful women of the community.


  • Unite women of Hellenic descent in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Promote the image and social status of women of Hellenic descent.
  • Encourage involvement of women of Hellenic descent in political, social and cultural affairs within the Greek Community.
  • Establish the means by which information regarding women and their concerns can be obtained,gathered and distributed.

Women’s Issues Annual Event:

Sunday, March 6th,2011 at the Polymenakion Cultural Centre.
This event coincides with International Women’s Day, thus celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women of Hellenic origin.

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