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Theatre Nefeli is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary. The Theatre Nefeli was founded in 1991 by Nancy Athan-Mylonas for the Greek Community of Toronto. Since its creation, Nefeli has performed in numerous Cultural events. The awards, kudos and admiration of this group have been great and spans distances from Greece to Chicago, to Washington, to Boston, to Florida, to Montreal and back to its own home of Toronto

Dance Group

Traditional Hellenic dance has firmly established itself in Toronto. The GCT is very proud of establishing one of the first traditional dance groups in the city over 40 years ago. During that period, thousands of Hellenic youths have passed through these classes, creating a bond between each and every dancer. It is a history that goes beyond the physical walls of the Polymenakion Cultural Centre. It is a living history sustained in every individual who loves music, song and dance.